Interview with Emma Alberici, Lateline, ABC

11 March 2014

EMMA ALBERICI: Arthur Sinodinos, welcome back to Lateline. ARTHUR SINODINOS: Thanks for having me back. EMMA ALBERICI: Now Labor's reforms were designed to ensure people get appropriate financial advice. Why are you rolling back those consumer protection laws? ARTHUR SINODINOS: I don't believe we're so much rolling back the laws as clarifying them and how […]

Interview with Rishaad Salamat, On The Move, Bloomberg Television

11 March 2014

RISHAAD SALAMAT: …has hopes of being an Asia Pacific financial hub. Joining us now is Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos. Arthur, thank you very much indeed for joining us. Well, how do you plan to achieve that aim? ARTHUR SINODINOS: Thanks again for having me on the programme. I think first and foremost by continuing to […]

Interview with Stephanie Smail, The World Today, ABC Radio

10 March 2014

PRESENTER: As the drought drags on in Queensland and New South Wales, farmers are again warning of a debt crisis. For northern Australia's beef industry, the problems began with the live export ban to Indonesia. And graziers say the months of parched conditions since have emptied their bank accounts. The Assistant Treasurer, Arthur Sinodinos, has […]

Interview with David Lipson, PM Agenda, Sky News

6 March 2014

DAVID LIPSON: Joining me now on PM Agenda is the Assistant Treasurer Senator Arthur Sinodinos, thank you very much for your time today. ARTHUR SINODINOS: Thanks David. DAVID LIPSON: Qantas again, the big story today and it has the Sales Act changes passed the lower House. There’s a giant brick wall in the Senate though. […]

Interview with John MacKenzie, Radio 4CA, Queensland

3 March 2014

JOHN MACKENZIE: Arthur, thanks for joining me on the program. ARTHUR SINODINOS: Good to be with you again John. JOHN MACKENZIE: I've got to say, you've unleashed a wave of excitement up here. There's a tiny little light at the end of the tunnel. I can tell you there's people up here that were considering […]

SMSF Professionals’ Association of Australia National Conference Q&A

19 February 2014

ANDREA SLATTERY Just as an opening question, you've been in the chair since September, how does it feel? ARTHUR SINODINOS Look it feels good to be in Government and be in a position where you can make decisions and make a difference, but with it also comes a pretty big responsibility. So you can't just […]

Interview with Waleed Aly, ABC Radio National – RN Drive

11 February 2014

WALEED ALY Gentlemen let's get down to it shall we. Is it not a total failure on behalf of both major parties that we're now reached a situation where car manufacturing in this country is finished, as it inevitably was going to at some stage and we seem to have no economic plan for dealing […]